Program Witch Pages


Program Witch Coding.
Weaving Spells Ones and Zeros.
Data Is Power.

I'm a programmer, web designer, blogger, podcaster, web ring manager, and amateur Oklahoma historian.


I began the Program Witch Pages way back in 1999, where we partied like it was. No not really. I don't even own a raspberry beret.


These pages are for all those who wield the magick of cyberspace. Those who use technology not only as a tool but as a focus for powers conceptually challenged humans cannot comprehend.

In other words, it's my blog.

This latest version of the Pages was coded using Notepad++ v5.9 with; Skeleton, a responsive, mobile-friendly boilerplate; and Iconic, an open source icon set.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at any of the social networks listed above, but I'm on Twitter and Google+ the most.

Please also checkout my other sites, Blog Oklahoma, a web ring for Oklahoma bloggers, and Exploring Oklahoma History, a site that explores historic places in Oklahoma.