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Dec 19 2014
02:07:59 PM

December 19th #blogmonth

Today the FBI announced North Korea was responsible for the Sony hack. If you missed the news, because of the hack and threats from the hackers, Sony pulled the movie “The Interview”. No one, except maybe Kim Jong Un-stable, is happy about it. ...

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Dec 18 2014
03:50:54 PM

December 18th #blogmonth

At the Pearly Gates three men were standing in line in front of St. Peter.

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Dec 17 2014
04:30:04 PM

December 17th #blogmonth

One of our cats, Baby, ran out the door last night. We spent most the night trying to convince her to come back inside to no avail. She wouldn't even let us get close enough to pick her up. I think she’s always wanted to be an outside cat. We would often find her staring longingly out the window.

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Dec 16 2014
04:24:55 PM

December 16th #blogmonth

I’ve made it to the halfway point of my #blogmonth challenge. Yay! I was hoping I’d make it this far. I think this calls for a celebratory extra long list of today’s links.

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Dec 15 2014
04:26:16 PM

December 15th #blogmonth

I worked on designing new reports for an in-house project today. My brain is numb. So I’m not feeling real creative right now. I think I’m going to let you do something instead.

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Dec 14 2014
11:22:54 PM

December 14th #blogmonth

Just finished watching the WWE TLC PPV.

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Dec 13 2014
10:30:00 PM

December 13th #blogmonth

Trying something a little different tonight I am using iPhones dictation utility to create this and I don't plan to edit

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Dec 12 2014
03:34:39 PM

December 12th #blogmonth

When one gets a year older one would tend to look back on their life.

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Dec 11 2014
04:11:38 PM

December 11th #blogmonth

When I started this #blogmonth challenge I didn’t expect it to be so, well, challenging. The problem is I started this on the spur of the moment with no planning ahead. If I ever take this kind of challenge again, I’m going to plan ahead. Set aside some topics to write about. Maybe even schedule the whole month. .. Na. Who am I kidding. That sounds like a lot of work. Ha!

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Dec 10 2014
03:22:42 PM

December 10th #blogmonth

It was very foggy this morning. It’s been foggy just about every morning this month so far. This morning’s was by far the foggiest of the foggy days.

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