My info was shared on Facebook

04/11/2018 01:26 PM — So according to Facebook my public profile, Page likes, birthday, and current city was shared.

Mr. Data Accumulator

04/11/2018 01:23 PM — Photoshop wins again. It didn't take them long to get a Data meme going on Reddit & Twitter. Ha.

New Google AdSense Auto Ads

03/28/2018 10:01 AM — Auto ads are a family of ad formats that offer a simple and innovative way for you to monetize your content. ...

Check Your Facebook Settings.

03/23/2018 02:23 PM — I'm not on the whole #DeleteFacebook band wagon. Go through and double check all of your security and privacy settings. You should be doing this from time to time anyway.

Podcast Setup

02/16/2018 09:02 AM — I used this picture for the cover at the Blog Oklahoma Podcast Facebook Group and was asked about my desk setup and what that thing hanging of the old iPhone was. So here's a quick point-at-it edit of that picture.

Image Sizes for Audio Podcast on YouTube

02/14/2018 03:00 PM — Here's a little tip if you're going to upload your audio podcast to YouTube. Size your background image to fill the screen. This will avoid those black borders around your podcast artwork.

SpaceX Falcon Heavy Launched

02/06/2018 03:11 PM — SpaceX successfully launches most powerful rocket in decades. Puts a Tesla in orbit and on it's way to Mars.

Blog Oklahoma Podcast 055: Bold Mission #okvotes18

02/05/2018 11:46 AM — So let's start off 2018 here at the Blog Oklahoma Podcast with a bold mission. I'm going convince you to go vote. Welcome to Blog Oklahoma.

On KFOR Flash Point

12/11/2017 09:05 AM — Up until this last election cycle I would only watch KFOR Flash Point periodically when a certain topic or guest would be announced. This year I've been watching somewhat regularly. I was watching the Sunday, December 10, 2017 episode and clearly Mr. Humphreys crossed a line.

30 Minutes of Lucky Cat

12/04/2017 03:32 PM — For no real reason here's a 30 minute look of our solar powered lucky cat.