Japanese Hardcore Wrestling 4

Posted on Sunday, July 25, 2004 10:02 PM by K. Latham
I just finished watching the Japanese Hardcore Wrestling 4 PPV. Here are some quick thoughts on the PPV:
  • The first match was a extreme hardcore match with stop sign's, knives, sickles, and power tools. Not for the faint of heart. I wouldn't let your kids watch it.

  • The 2nd match was a very very good wrestling match.

  • The 3rd was a womens tag team match that was good also.

  • 4th back to hardcore with a glass match. glass is flying everywhere.

  • Next match was a killer 3 women tag team match. I wish the WWE's women's division was this good. This match stole the show.

  • And the main event was a Hardcore Death Match with barbwire and florescent lights. Good match too.
The only match I didn't like was the first one.

This was the line up (my rating):
  • Big Japan Pro Wrestling
    Free Weapons & Falls Count Anywhere Tag Death Match
    Mr. Pogo and Shadow WX
    Madman Pondo and 2 Tuff Tony
    (* 1/2) [pictures]

  • Michinoku Pro Wrestling
    Great Sasuke & Jinsei Shinzaki
    Ikuto Hidaka & Minoru Fujita
    (***) [pictures]

  • All Japan Women's Pro Wrestling
    Tag Team Championship
    Miyuki Fuji and Saki Maemuri
    Yoshimi Shioya and Mika Nishio
    (** 1/2) [pictures]

  • Big Japan Pro Wrestling
    World Extreme Cup Finals-Glass Board and Fluorscent Light Tube Deathmatch
    Ryuji Yamakawa vs. Kinataro Kanemura
    (**) [pictures]

  • All Japan Women's Pro Wrestling
    Momoe Nakanishi, Etsuko Mita & Nanae Takahashi
    Kumiko Maekawa, Takako Inoue & Mima Shimoda
    (****) [pictures]

  • Big Japan Pro Wrestling
    Deathmatch Heavyweight Championship
    Ryuji Ito vs. Abdullah Kobayashi
    (***) [pictures]
(* = poor ** = fair *** = good **** = great)

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