Fiery end to RAW

Posted on Monday, June 11, 2007 10:17 PM by K. Latham
Tonight's WWE RAW ended with Mr. McMahon entering quietly into a limo.
A night originally designated Mr. McMahon Appreciation Night turned deadly when the WWE Chairman’s limousine burst into a fiery explosion just moments after Mr. McMahon stepped into it. Permanently uprooting the world of sports-entertainment, the Chairman has been presumed dead in Wilkes-Barre, Pa.

Check back with as more details become available on this shocking news.
Tonight was the big WWE Draft. Here is how it went:
  1. Great Kahli to Smackdown
  2. BoogeyMan to ECW
  3. King Booker to RAW
  4. Chris Benoit to ECW
  5. Torrie Wilson to Smackdown
  6. Chris Masters to Smackdown
  7. Bobby Lashley to RAW (stripped of ECW Title)
  8. Ric Flair to Smackdown
  9. Snitsky to RAW
  10. Mr. Kennedy to RAW
There will be a supplemental draft on Wednesday at 12e at

I posted the matches and results at WrestlingFan on Twitter.