Getting West OK Gas Prices with Yahoo! Pipes

Posted on Friday, May 02, 2008 03:47 PM by K. Latham
Using Yahoo! Pipes I was able to filter the lowest gas prices from a few local city's RSS feeds provided by I'm hoping to use this custom feed to post latest/lowest gas prices via @westokjournal.

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(Pulled EMBED when stopped working)
I plugged the Yahoo! Pipes feed through Twitterfeed to see how it posts. I have a feeling I'll have to build another Twitter bot like I did for the Events and Weather.

Update: I thought so. Twitterfeed just didn't format it the way I wanted. I'll build a bot for it next week. I'll have more control when it posts that way anyway.

Major Update: Just a week after I get this working pulled down the fuel prices RSS feeds. They've been gone for days now. I don't see them coming back. This also killed the widget they've been pushing. It also used the RSS feeds. On the plus side I learned how to use Yahoo! Pipes. It's one tool I plan to keep in the ol' coding toolbox that's for sure. - K.