An experiment in posting west OK weather alerts.

Posted on Tuesday, June 10, 2008 01:50 PM by K. Latham
I'm doing an experiment with the WestOKJournal Twitter feed. I found the Oklahoma feed NOAA provides for warnings and other notices.

How do I make this work? I use an old Windows 2K workstation sitting in the corner of my office. It runs batch files scheduled for various times a day. These batch files use cURL to access some ASP code on my web server to post information to Twitter.

Reference Notes:
  • NOAA Experimental XML Feeds and Web Displays of Watches, Warnings, and Advisories
  • NOAA Oklahoma CAP XML File
  • NOAA County-Public Forecast Zones Correlation File (filter on cap:geocode)
  • NOAA Products List File (filter on cap:events)
  • Common Alertings Protocol (CAP) is an non-proprietary standard data format for the interchange of hazard warning and reports.
  • Posting for each node in cap:info:
    • cap:area/cap:geocode (area number see forecast zones correlation file)
    • cap:area/cap:areaDesc (county name)
    • cap:event (see NOAA products list)
    • cap:headline
    • cap:web (link to full text of alert)
    • cap:effective (alert starts date/time)
    • cap:expires (alert ends date/time)
  • Twitter API
  • cURL (command line tool)
  • Filtering for counties: Beckham, Custer, Washita, and Roger Mills
  • Filtering for events: Tornado Warning, Severe Thunderstorm Warning, Flash Flood Warning, Blizzard Warning, Storm Warning, High Wind Warning, Dust Storm Warning, Ice Storm Warning, and Child Abduction Emergency. I might add Tornado and Thunderstorm Watches later.