Marking Out on C.M. Punk Win

Posted on Tuesday, July 01, 2008 08:14 AM by K. Latham
Marking out, a moment of enjoying professional wrestling "for what it is" rather than analyzing its staged nature.

On last night's WWE RAW, live from Oklahoma City, we saw C.M. Punk win the World Title from Edge. This was one of those few occasions I totally marked out on. After we witnessed Batista beat down Edge I turned to my wife and said, "If they were clever C.M. Punk would run out." Not 1 minute after I said that C.M. Punk's music hit. Total mark out on my part. I didn't even care if he held the title no more than the hour, it was worth it. Well played. Oh for the record he defeated JBL to keep the title. We get to have C.M. Punk as World Champ for another week.

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