Last Day To Register To Vote

Posted on Friday, October 12, 2012 09:04 AM by K. Latham
The Oklahoman, October 12, 2012, Page 10A

TODAY, Friday, October 12th, is the last day to REGISTER TO VOTE in Oklahoma for the November 6th general election. So if you haven't registered to vote yet, go do so, and get it in the mail TODAY. You need to get it into the post office early enough to get is postmarked TODAY.

You know for such an important date you would think the state newspaper, the Oklahoman, would put a notice about it in a prominent place. No they didn't. They buried it on page 10A in a small Capital Briefs box below the fold. And to just double check, I couldn't find notice about it at all in yesterday's paper.

The article even gives a convoluted URL to the Election Board's web site. It's simply: OR Throwing in the WWW is unnecessary. They made the URL,, just long enough to give some people the impression, "Oh, I'll never remember that".

I really don't think this right-wing leaning sometimes newspaper wants you to register to vote. That's my opinion anyway. O_o

Moving on. Another important date, you have until 5:00 PM Wednesday, October 31st to request an absentee ballot. So if you can't vote on Tuesday, November 6th, get an absentee ballot. Here's how:

Remember the Oklahoma State Elections Board's website is simply: You'll find all the information on how to vote there.