Grime Boss Basics 360 Duster Kit

Posted on Wednesday, November 07, 2012 10:21 AM by K. Latham

Grime Boss Basics Duster Grime Boss Basics Duster Grime Boss Basics Duster

Trying out a new duster at the office. I find them handy for dusting off keyboards and monitors. I usually use Swiffer Dusters, but saw this on the shelf at Walmart for about a $1 less.  The kit comes with 3 dusters and a folding green plastic handle. The dusters are basiclly the same size, but a little bit more fluffy than Swiffer's.

I dusted off my laptop which had a couple of week's worth of dust on it. Yeah I know, when you're busy you just don't think to do something like dust. Anyway, the Grime Boss duster worked well. It picked up the dust without pushing it around and didn't leave any fibers behind.

The real test will come later, when I find the time, to dust off the office bookshelf.