Posted on Monday, September 30, 2013 02:04 PM by K. Latham

Note: I'm about to spoil a few things about a decades old series of sci-fi books. If Isaac Asimov's Foundation series is on your reading list please go ahead and stop reading this post. The series is worth reading. I'm just going to go on a mini nitpick vent.

I finished reading Foundation's Edge and Foundation and Earth by Isaac Asimov over the weekend. I want to preface that these were good books. The problem I’m about to express is over how these two books relate the the first three. I don’t think they do, except for them being in the same universe.

The first three books, Foundation, Foundation and Empire, Second Foundation, are about the Foundation, it’s creation, the Seldon Plan, and the Foundation’s struggles to implement that plan. It is a series of engaging stories told over a long span of time.

The next two books, Foundation's Edge and Foundation and Earth, are about Golan Trevize, Gaia, and the search for the planet of origin, Earth. Both books are one story.

There are two more books, Prelude to Foundation and Forward the Foundation, these are prequel books written after Foundation and Earth. I haven’t read these yet, and it might be awhile before I do.

To me Foundation and Earth read like Gulliver’s Travels. The crew of the Far Star hops from planet to planet on their search for Earth. Each planet, like the islands of Gulliver, start off okay, but then go downhill, and they have to leave.

Okay now here’s why I was a bit disappointed in Edge and Earth, they really weren't about the Foundation. It started there in Edge, but went off on a tangent in Earth that blended elements of Isaac Asimov’s Robot and Empire series. I haven’t read many of the books in either of those series, but was familiar enough with the storylines to not be lost.

I realize both Foundation's Edge and Foundation and Earth were written years after Second Foundation. I could be wrong, since I haven’t read everything Asimov has written, but to me the style of storytelling changed. It was almost like a different person wrote them.

I guess this minor nitpick vent is because I read all of these books in one go. If I had spaced them out with something else in between, I probably wouldn’t have noticed the style change.

What did the search for Earth, besides being an engaging story in itself, have to do with the Foundation and it’s goal of a second galactic empire? Was the payoff of the book really R. Daneel Olivaw?

I could've missed something, but I’m left with a feeling of “huh?” after finishing Foundation and Earth.

Okay that's it. It was a minor nitpick vent, but I still felt strong enough to post about it. Ha.

Have you read these 5 books? What’s your opinion after reading them?