Ghost Blog - First Impressions

Posted on Monday, October 14, 2013 11:20 AM by K. Latham

Playing with the new blogging platform Ghost this morning.  Visit for details. 

They provided great step by step installation instructions.  I'm running it on my Win 7 workstation, and it was as easy as unzipping it, running a Node.js install, and tweak the configuration. I had a local working blog up in minutes. 

I love the markdown editor.  I wish my own blog had this. I found you can type quickly without the overhead of a WYSIWYG type editor.

You can see what your post looks like in the preview pane. The preview keeps up with your changes and position where your editing.  The preview even provides a word count. 

I noticed  Google Chrome's spell checker wasn't active in the edit pane. I use that quite often. Hopefully in future versions they'll add a spell checker, or at least get the browser's working. 

And if you insert an image before your done typing, the preview pane (or at least the image) tends to flicker. It's a little distracting. 

There isn't much in the way of image formatting that I could find right off, meaning scale and float images left or right. But placing an image is quick and easy with markdown and the upload tools provided. 

The default template, Casper, is a clean and highly readable. It has a nice simple minimal layout, I really like it.

Ghost is made for simply blogging.  I think this would be ideal for writers. If you're looking for a full CMS like WordPress, I don't think this is for you.  Like I said, it's simple, but you should keep an eye on improvements.

Ghost is still early in their development, but it's already grown on me in the few hours I've been using it.  I like it.