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Good Wednesday Morning To You

May 07 2014
08:44:50 AM


The sun was already high in the sky before the commute to work this morning. It just seemed out of place. I guess I just got use to seeing the sunrise.

I also noticed a more than average amount of static on the radio. Solar activity? Mabey, but more likely just because the sun was higher in the sky than to a CME event. According to

"... odds of a geoeffective solar flare are dropping as sunspot AR2051 rotates off the visible solar disk. Stronger blasts are possible on May 7th. The sunspot has a 'delta-class' magnetic field that harbors energy for powerful X-flares. Any such eruptions, however, will almost surely miss our planet as AR2051 heads for the farside of the sun. ..."

There's your little bit of science for the morning.

Who Shot The Watcher?! #Marvel Original Sin #1 (of 8) #Comixology

Today's playlist: ? Morning Commute #Spotify

Thing making me laugh this morning: Last night's large file transfer #AgentsofSHEILD

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