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Friday Morning Dream

May 09 2014
08:43:00 AM


What we need to do is refocus members of congress. We need to unite them under a common cause. So this is what we'll do. We take all of them to a +MLB game. Sit them in the stands; get them conformable; provide popcorn, nachos, and hot dogs; give them some team gear and rally rags to wave around; and let each member of congress know their favorite team is playing. Spend hundreds of dollars to show them a really good time, and show them how exciting it is to be a baseball fan. Now just before the game starts you drop a giant thick black tarp in between them and the field. This will block their view of the game. They are only allowed to listen to what is going on, not see it. Then have #MLB management come out and explain to them because of where they are sitting this game has been blacked out. Maybe, just maybe, this outrage will refocus congress under the banner of fan fairness and legislate the end of sports broadcast blackout restrictions everywhere.

It's a dream I have.

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