Same Old Flash Point

Posted on Sunday, July 06, 2014 11:15 AM by K. Latham

Thought I'd watch KFOR's Flash Point today. Well less than ten minutes in and I've already flipped the channel. It was the same old opinions expressed with the same old partisanship. Its the same as its been for years, and that's not a good thing. The point of the show is to express the different political point of views on today's topics, but its the same tired talking points over and over again.

Kirk Humphreys we get it, you don't like President Obama, etc...
Mike Turpin we get it, you like Hillary Clinton, etc...

I would love to see an Oklahoma centered political talk show on TV that expresses differing points of view on today's topics, but leaves out the talking points. Something that has rotating hosts or more guests as to not the same opinions week after week. And here's a novel idea get some center left/right opinion in there and not always the far left/right. I realize heated political discourse might be good for ratings, but its the problem with politics today, and the media (in general terms) is perpetuating it.

Oh well enough of a rant for today. I can actually do something about Flash Point. Not watch.

Addendum: I was a regular watcher up until around the Occupy Wall Street time frame. Kirk Humphreys comments at that time made me stop watching. I've checked in with the show from time to time, but it was exactly the same each time. And that's why this morning rant. Kevin Ogle does a good job moderating, and as much as I do respect Mike Turpin, I think its time for a reboot. Get someone new in the left and right seats.