Time to Rebuild Exploring Oklahoma History

Posted on Wednesday, May 27, 2015 11:42 AM by K. Latham

It’s time for me to rebuild the Exploring Oklahoma History website. There are some big changes coming. I know change can be difficult, but I need to get the site where it's not only informative, but easier for me and others to maintain.

I’ll be updating the design of the site to be more responsive, simplified, friendly, and more along the lines of the other Blog Oklahoma Network sites.

I’ll be trimming the site down to its core components: the Oklahoma historic places database, this day in Oklahoma history, our blog, and all the connections to the social net.

This means I’ll be dropping the reference library, map room, and the ghost town and cemetery databases. Most of those haven’t been updated in a while and are out of date. As for the ghost town and cemetery databases, when the time comes to turn on the new site, I’ll make all that information available for download. So all that data is not just going to disappear.

This work will take me more than a month to get completed, so there’s plenty of time for you to bookmark any link in the reference library, map room, etc.

It’s been a challenge to work on Exploring Oklahoma History over the last year. I’m hoping this rebuild will re-energize everyone, especially me.

- K.