Time for my semi-annual Facebook rant

Posted on Wednesday, April 20, 2016 11:39 AM by K. Latham

Time for my semi-annual Facebook rant.

I follow a few community organizations that post news updates on Facebook, but I never see those posts on Facebook. I rely on them cross-posting to Twitter. It’s the only way I’ll ever know they posted something without setting up Facebook notifications for each and everyone I follow. Facebook’s news feed is an absolute joke.

I just don’t understand how people think it’s the place to post news, worse yet real time news. As an example, have you ever seen a current weather update on Facebook? Me neither. But those updates do show up, it’ll be the next day. So that information is useless. Why post it on Facebook in the first place?

Soon the Facebook controlled Instagram is going to go the same way. You’ll only see posts from those people deemed worthy by Facebook to show you. Sad.


I really dislike you. You’re that bad boyfriend everyone talks about. The one you try get away from but somehow end up with later. If I didn’t have to use you, I wouldn’t.

You have some great features and services. Your Live video, great. Your Messenger app, nice. Your almost universal Login service, very useful.

But why do you keep people from seeing what other people post? Wasn’t that the reason for your existence?

Why do you keep putting on that old dirty t-shirt of a web interface and not something clean and modern?

It’s only about the money isn’t it? If I don’t pay for your dinner every time, you won’t hang out with me. Is that it?


(blink) Oh. Well that went to a weird place.

Rant over… for now.