Monday. Monday Morning ...

Posted on Monday, April 25, 2016 09:07 AM by K. Latham

I made it into the office this morning. Yay. That little bug I caught last week really put me behind. I had to reply to one whole email this morning. I hate it when my mornings are swamped like that.


I am feeling better, but I'm still rather weak. I'm hoping a good day of moving around and working on some code will help me get my energy back.

I really need to remove that pile of boxes I have in the corner of my office. Most of them are just old equipment boxes, others might actually have something in them. I guess I really should find out. They’ve been there for so long though. Isn’t that how it usually works out, you’ll set something on a shelf or in a corner somewhere and just forget all about it.

I also have a shelf full of old cd-roms. What should I do with them? They’re all old installation disc or backups of long obsolete office software. It’s the same way at the house. In one corner in a closet I have boxes full of old software. Why do I hang on to these? Some have collectors value, well for me anyway, but the rest? I’m not as bad as some other offices. So I don’t think I’ll be appearing on Geek Hoarders anytime soon. What do I do with all this old software? Toss ‘em? Find some at the office who might want ‘em? Hmm. Something to think about.

Well I hope you’re going to have a great Monday.

More later. Code time.