Spring Cleaning of the Office

Posted on Thursday, April 28, 2016 04:26 PM by K. Latham

Yes I know why keep posting about cleaning my office. Mostly because it's almost archaeological in it's scope. I've been uncovering some pre-Y2K dust bunnies, and they're pretty grumpy about it.

Almost all of those old boxes stacked in the corner are gone. I have one that's going into storage, and the rest have been broken down and disposed of.

The old CD-Rom shelf has been cleared off. Now the only thing left on it are old backups (can't get rid of those). I now have a box full of old audio cassettes from that same self. I think they're going into storage too if no one in the office wants them.

The last shelf to be cleaned off today has a bunch of old hardware on it. Going to see what stays and what goes.

Should have done this a long time ago.