Hitting Pause on the Podcast

Posted on Friday, June 09, 2017 04:40 PM by K. Latham

I'm sure you've noticed I haven't put out a new episode of the Blog Oklahoma Podcast in awhile. Sorry about that. For a few weeks in a row there it was simply your everyday life kind of stuff keeping me from recording an episode, a few other times it was writer's block, and at least once it was a bad case of the Idontwanna.

During this mostly unintentional time away from the podcast I've had an opportunity to review things. I've been going over all the statistical reports on downloads, subscribers, and page views for the various outlets for the podcast. I've been reading through the emails and what little feedback I did get. I've even went back and re-listened to previous episodes. All of this review time has lead me to one conclusion: I need to hit pause on the podcast.

I'm really not happy with my writing as of late. I fear I've sacrificed quality over quantity. I'm not trying to make excuses, but some weeks are busier than others and I'm not spending the time to write like I should. I've even written and recorded all in one afternoon and it really shows in those episodes. Not good.

In the episodes that I took my time to write, sometimes taking weeks to finish, I feel turned out the best. Even the listener statistics support this. Some good examples are any Oklahoma history episode. I'd work on those for days, and they are some of my most popular downloads. The State Questions episodes I did last year took a month to prepare for. Not the most riveting of content, but I was thanked for my efforts, and that means a lot.

So I'm putting the podcast on hold for a little bit. This is going to give me time to write and get caught up with extra projects that need to be done. When I do come back I'm not going to be on a weekly schedule anymore. New episodes will come out irregularly when they are ready.

I want to thank everyone for your support over the years with this little hobby of mine. It means a lot.

Your feedback is always appreciated. So please feel free contact me with your comments or questions. You can get hold me in a multitude of ways just visit blogoklahoma.net/contact for more information.

This has been Kevin Latham for Blog Oklahoma. Until next time.