My New Handbag Organizer

Posted on Saturday, June 10, 2017 03:09 PM by K. Latham

I have a nice canvas bag I use to carry various things to the office such as tablets, notebooks, and a small umbrella. Unfortunately it doesn't have any pockets or way to keep things organized.

So I searched Amazon and found this nylon handbag organizer for a reasonable price. It has plenty side of pockets to keep those small things from sinking to the bottom of the bag like pens and charging cables, it has two zipper pockets, and one main space in the center which is the perfect size for a Kindle, Android tablet, and as small journal notebook.

On Amazon it's listed as "Purse Organizer, Insert Handbag Organizer Bag in Bag (13 Pockets 15 Colors 3 Size)" ( I got a medium sized yellow one, which is the perfect size for my canvas bag and I like yellow. It also gives me enough space in the canvas bag to put my small fold up umbrella nestled off to the side.

I've been using this for a little over a week now and it's been perfect. I recommend it.

Oh my canvas bag I also got on Amazon some time ago. It's listed as "Rothco Vintage Canvas Medic Bag w/Cross" ( I just love this bag. I also can I recommend it. Ha.