WWE Royal Rumble 2003

Posted on Monday, January 20, 2003 09:13 AM by K. Latham
For any wrestling fan, there are basically 3 WWE pay-per-views you need to get, 1. WrestleMania, 2. Royal Rumble and 3. Summer Slam. All other WWE PPVs are only good based on whatever feud is going on at the time. These 3 PPVs almost always give you your moneys worth ($35).

Last night was the 2003 Royal Rumble PPV. With a few exceptions the Royal Rumble was great.

The best match of the night and a big contender for match of the year goes to Kurt Angle v. Chris Benoit. Chris Benoit got a standing ovation after the match, just to prove his is one of the best.

Worst match of the night was Dawn Marie v. Torri Wilson, the booking committee needs to really think more about these no wrestling ability cat fights that aren't even good cat fights and really bad storyline matches. The Smackdown ladies need to watch RAW to see what Trish Stratus and Victoria are doing, at least they can wrestle.

The one match that really was a disappointment for me last night was the Scott Steiner v. HHH match. It was sub-par, slow, had too many blown spots and a mediocre match at best. For Big Bad Booty Daddy, Scott Steiner, one of my favorite wrestlers, I think it was just too soon for him to be in a WWE PPV. He needs more work with WWE style wrestling. I expect great things from Scott Steiner and the WWE, just not this soon.

Overall a big thumbs up for the PPV. Next is WrestleMania where we will see Brock Lesnar, winner of the Royal Rumble vs. who will most probably be Kurt Angle in the main event.