Road Warriors and Ultimo Dragon to WWE??

Posted on Wednesday, May 07, 2003 08:57 AM by K. Latham
The Road Warriors, Hawk and Animal, will be working dark matches at the Raw taping in Philadelphia, PA and the Smackdown taping in Baltimore, MD this coming week.

Ultimo Dragon told the Japanese media today that he would be debuting for World Wrestling Entertainment on 5/18 at the Judgment Day PPV event in Charlotte, North Carolina. Dragon worked the main event of his Toryumon promotion's event in Tokyo at Korakuen Hall, losing to CIMA. It was his last scheduled bout in Japan.

Dragon, considered one of the greatest aerial performers of the 1990s, is the inventor of the Asai Moonsault and held the J Crown in the late 90s. A botched surgery of his left arm forced him to retire. He began training performers and created the Toryumon and T2P promotions before finally returning to the ring several months back.

* Notes From 1Wrestling (PopUp Heavy Site)