My Snapchat Story - June 26, 2016

My Snapchat story for June 26, 2016. I recorded another episode of the Blog Oklahoma Podcast, it rained, and I tried to put together a puzzle. Expect Random Cat Pictures.

Blog Oklahoma Podcast 033: Use Pictures

One of the many ways to get your post noticed is to use a picture. Let's talk about that, right after this. Welcome to Blog Oklahoma.

FB on Vine

I was playing around a little with Vine last night, came up with this loop of FB the cat.

Wednesday. Wednesday around lunchtime ...

I was asked about that picture I used yesterday. So here it is. There is nothing wrong with the picture itself. It was just inappropriate to use as clipart for the post I used it on. ...

Tuesday. Tuesday afternoon ...

Okay from now on Tuesday is to be known as Derpday. This morning was full of memory lapses, brain farts, visual mistakes, and at least one car accident. ...

Blog Oklahoma Podcast 032: Back from Break

I’m back to the podcast, refreshed, reenergized, and ready to go. So hopefully no more interruptions for a while and I’ll be able to get back to our regular schedule again. I’m very happy to say once again … Welcome to Blog Oklahoma

Thursday. Thursday morning …

So I was going over the Google Analytics stats for the newly launched Exploring Oklahoma History website, and I’m seeing quite a bit of Russian traffic. ...

Oklahoma Primary June 28

Well I get to sit home during the Oklahoma Statewide Primary on June 28th. There's no Democratic Primary in my district.

The Blog Oklahoma Podcast Returns Next Week

Thank you for your patience during this short hiatus. Baring any more interruptions the Blog Oklahoma Podcast will return next week with an all new episode. Yay!

New Site Is Up!

I'm happy to announce we launched the latest version of the Exploring Oklahoma History website this week.