New Podcast Episodes Coming Soon

05/04/2012 04:02 PM — No really I'll be coming back to the Blog Oklahoma Podcast soon. When? Uhmm...

Blog Oklahoma Update

01/27/2012 03:38 PM — An update on the new Blog Oklahoma website, the Blog Oklahoma podcast, Google+, and a voter registration deadline is fast approaching.

Blog Oklahoma Podcast 87: A Christmas Special

12/21/2011 09:59 AM — Merry Christmas Everyone From Blog Oklahoma

Blog Oklahoma Podcast 86: You Talk To It

12/03/2011 02:17 PM — In this week's episode "In The News" is back, I spotlight a useful iPhone app, and I updated you on a new Blog Oklahoma project. Welcome to Blog Oklahoma

Blog Oklahoma Podcast 85: Just Checking In

11/21/2011 08:30 AM — In this week's episode "In the news" is back, I update you on something I'm thinking about, and we check in. Welcome to Blog Oklahoma.

Blog Oklahoma Podcast 83: Special Halloween Music Spooktacular

10/28/2011 04:52 PM — It's time for a special Halloween music spooktacular. Happy Halloween everyone. Welcome To Blog Oklahoma.

I should never look at the stats ... Ha!

10/25/2011 10:10 PM — Finished looking over the podcast stats for the last few episodes. ┬áLet's just say, ouch.

Blog Oklahoma Podcast 82: My wife has my Kindle

10/22/2011 04:36 PM — In this week's episode: "In The News", I take a look at the Kindle, and there's a Blog Oklahoma update.

Blog Oklahoma Podcast 80: Listening To It Rain

10/08/2011 06:05 PM — Posted the latest episode of the Blog Oklahoma Podcast. Listening to it rain, "In the news", Amazon Kindle library books, Remembering Steve Jobs, and Mixlr Live. Welcome to Blog Oklahoma.

Blog Oklahoma Podcast 79: Fabulously Dry Summer

10/05/2011 03:34 PM — This week "In the news" is back, we take a look at a way to share how faboulous you are, and we find out how well my garden went this summer.