Displaying Google+ Posts

06/08/2012 11:55 AM — Ever since Google+ came out one of the things I really wanted was a way to display my Google+ posts on my blog. It took a few days of my free time but I was able to create something using the Google+ API to do just that.

New Look

06/04/2012 01:58 PM — The new look for the Program Witch Pages is now live. I hope you like it.

Blog Oklahoma Update

01/27/2012 03:38 PM — An update on the new Blog Oklahoma website, the Blog Oklahoma podcast, Google+, and a voter registration deadline is fast approaching.

List of Coding References

10/20/2011 09:28 AM — A list of some of the tools I use in coding. This post will get updated from time to time.

New Blog

10/05/2011 01:13 PM — I'm building a new style of blog. I wanted to refresh the look and feel of the site.