Facebook Question

02/28/2013 02:00 PM — (I originally posted this over at Blog Oklahoma today) Can some one explain this? For the last few months I've only seen an average of 20 people viewing any given Facebook post when I have a possible viewing pool of over 300 people. ...

Finally a use for Facebook

08/08/2012 10:35 AM — I think I finally found a use for Facebook. I plan to annoy all my right-wing conspiracy loving friends and relatives with FACTS.

Facebook, meh

07/02/2012 08:48 AM — I've made a decision this morning. I'm no longer going to actively post to Facebook or keep up with it's newsfeed. I just don't want too anymore. I'm not finding it engaging or worthwhile. That and I discovered not long ago I get more out of Google+ and Twitter than I ever did with Facebook.