Our Fight Song

07/29/2016 03:54 PM — Fight Song produced by Elizabeth Banks, Bruce Cohen and Mike Thompkins, features actors, musicians and supporters singing their support for Hillary Clinton to Rachel Platten's Fight Song. The a cappella video is inspired by the Pitch Perfect films, which are produced by Banks.


05/13/2016 02:19 PM — A great cover & remix of the classic DOOM theme by Leslie Wai

Cup Of Brown Joy by Professor Elemental

05/12/2016 09:45 PM — Elemental. The quintessential English fellow, explorer, scientist, exotic dancer and some might say raving lunatic. Banned from 13 of the colonies for 'unspeakable scientific experiments', yet heralded as something of a deity in a great many more.

Blog Oklahoma Bonus Playlist

04/28/2016 09:28 AM — I’ve added even more great music to the Blog Oklahoma Bonus playlist. There is now over 8 hours of music for you to enjoy. You can listen to the playlist on Spotify and on YouTube.

Blog Oklahoma Podcast: A Halloween Music Special

10/20/2015 03:49 PM — This is a remix from the Blog Oklahoma Podcast archives: Blog Oklahoma Podcast 83: Special Halloween Music Spooktacular and Blog Oklahoma Podcast 45: The Halloween Special.

Goodby Mevio's Music Alley

04/07/2015 01:00 PM — Well apparently Mevio's Music Alley (aka the Podsafe Music Network) has finally gone down. It was good while it lasted. We found some great music for our podcast over the years from their service. It's sad to see it go, but I guess it was just a matter of time after Mevio closed it's doors. Please join us in thanking all the artists who shared their musical talents with podcasters everywhere on Music Alley.


01/21/2015 12:59 PM — I just love this Vine. Little bird just makes me happy. Ha!

Blog Oklahoma Podcast Music Spectacular Special Playlist

01/14/2013 04:11 PM — It's been a few since the last episode of the Blog Oklahoma Podcast. Sorry about that. So until I can get my rear into gear, let's take a look back at some of the best music played on the Blog Oklahoma Podcast in this super Music Spectacular special playlist.

Blog Oklahoma Podcast 87: A Christmas Special (Repeat)

12/11/2012 09:20 AM — A special encore presentation of the Blog Oklahoma Podcast. Merry Christmas Everyone From Blog Oklahoma

Special Halloween Music Spooktacular

10/31/2012 08:31 AM — A special encore presentation of the Blog Oklahoma Podcast. It's time for a special Halloween music spooktacular. Happy Halloween everyone!