VLOG #9: Lazy Labor Day Weekend

09/05/2017 10:10 AM — Tuesday, September 5, 2017. The Lazy Labor Day Weekend. I hope you had a great Labor Day weekend. Mine was okay. I was busy and a bit lazy this week, so I don't have much for the vlog. ...

VLOG #8: Wrestling and a Bonus Podcast

08/28/2017 02:42 PM — Sunday, August 27, 2017. It was a nice relaxing weekend of watching wrestling and the start of a new short Bonus podcast for the Blog Oklahoma Podcast.

VLOG #7: A Weekend and an Eclipse

08/21/2017 03:11 PM — Monday, August 21, 2017. The weekend started strong, but quickly got off track when I got way too hot; I showoff my new iRig2; oh and there was a solar eclipse.

VLOG #6: Rainy Days and Podcast

08/14/2017 02:52 PM — Sunday, August 13, 2017. It was time for my annual A1C test, I show you my desk at work, I binge watch Marvel's Iron Fist on Netflix, and I finally got a new episode of the Blog Oklahoma Podcast recorded. All this and KITTENS! Yay!

Blog Oklahoma Podcast 053: Moving From Wunderlist

08/14/2017 10:32 AM — In this episode I tell about moving away from a favorite app, I share some information about the upcoming solar eclipse, and I let you know what I've been up to and on why I put the podcast on hiatus. It's been a while, but I'm happy to say once again, Welcome to Blog Oklahoma.

VLOG #5: Sharknado Weekend

08/07/2017 10:21 AM — Sunday, August 6, 2017. It was a busy weekend of housework, cooking country ribs, playing Day of the Tentacle, watching some great wrestling on Twitch, and watching Sharknado 5.

VLOG #4: Writing and Ham Beans

07/31/2017 10:16 AM — Sunday, July 30, 2017. It was a nice and cool day. I worked on writing the Blog Oklahoma Podcast, and I made Ham Beans for supper.

VLOG #3: Birds and Web Worms

07/24/2017 01:11 PM — It was a long hot weekend. A bit too hot to do much of anything except stay inside under the air conditioning. So this week I take a look at some large birds flying over the house early in the morning, I refill our bird feeders, and I examine the web worm infestation of our old pecan tree. So exciting. Ha.

VLOG #2: Mowing and Enchiladas

07/17/2017 01:08 PM — Spent the afternoon morning mowing the lawn, working on my podcast, and making quick cheese enchiladas.

VLOG #1: Quick Kitchen Pantry Redo

07/10/2017 09:48 AM — I spent the afternoon working on the kitchen. Our pantry was a disorganized mess, so I took some time to organize it. This is the first of I hope many new vlogs.