Voter Hero

09/26/2018 02:14 PM — Made this at Voter Hero. Are you registered to vote yet?

Latest Podcast Stats

09/26/2018 02:02 PM — I'm fairly open about the podcast stats. So I don't mind sharing. Latest episode doing about average. ...

Oklahoma Gubernatorial Debate 2018

09/25/2018 03:17 PM — The Oklahoman's Chris Casteel moderated a debate between Drew Edmondson and Kevin Stitt on September 24, 2018, night at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art.

Blog Oklahoma Podcast 058: 2018 State Questions

09/25/2018 03:16 PM — There are going to be 5 state questions on the 2018 Oklahoma General Election ballot on Tuesday November 6th.

Oklahoma State Questions 2018

09/11/2018 10:50 AM — The following Oklahoma State Questions have qualified for the November 6 General Election ballot.

Blog Oklahoma Bonus #13: Teamup Calendar

09/10/2018 11:27 AM — September 9, 2018 - Blog Oklahoma Bonus Episode - Teamup Calendar, the shared calendar for groups. - Welcome to Blog Oklahoma.

Friday. Friday Afternoon ...

09/07/2018 03:42 PM — Welcome to another editions of Frizzy Hair Friday. It's been raining for 4 days straight. I'm surprised my hair looks as good as it does.

Drew Edmondson for Governor

08/29/2018 09:05 AM — Well since we now know who's running, I'm putting my full support behind Drew Edmondson for Governor. I just ordered a yard sign and made a small donation. Will you do the same?

Ugly Runoff, But Go Vote Anyway

08/27/2018 01:05 PM — Saw some more political ads over lunch. All GOP and all ugly in their messaging.

Friday. Friday Afternoon ...

08/17/2018 04:17 PM — Welcome to another edition of Frizzy Hair Friday. It's quite humid today.