Taking a RAW and SMACKDOWN Hiatus

06/11/2019 04:38 PM — I think I'm going to take a WWE RAW and SMACKDOWN hiatus for a month or so. RAW especially needs to improve. It's become a boring and stale 3 hours slog.

December 14th #blogmonth

12/14/2014 11:22 PM — Just finished watching the WWE TLC PPV.

December 11th #blogmonth

12/11/2014 04:11 PM — When I started this #blogmonth challenge I didn’t expect it to be so, well, challenging. The problem is I started this on the spur of the moment with no planning ahead. If I ever take this kind of challenge again, I’m going to plan ahead. Set aside some topics to write about. Maybe even schedule the whole month. .. Na. Who am I kidding. That sounds like a lot of work. Ha!