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May 16 2013
09:00:10 AM

Pinterest Button and Widget Builder

Add a Pinterest button or widget to your website.

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Nov 08 2012
03:31:59 PM Embeds

You can now embed your profile on your website.

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Oct 09 2012
08:23:31 AM

World Time Buddy - Clock Widget

The great time zone service now has a simple time widget you can install on your website.

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Sep 05 2012
11:35:20 AM

New Twitter Widget

Twitter has launched a new tool to make it easier to embed interactive timelines of Tweets on any website.

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Jun 29 2012
02:40:43 PM

Goodreads Widget

Taking a look at the GoodReads widget. Their widget code is a bit large, should be scaled back to make a bit more user friendly.

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Jun 18 2012
08:23:35 AM

Backyard Ants

Here's some film on the big red ant den in my backyard. Notice how they created a perfect trail from their den to the pecan tree in the middle of our backyard. Ants like this could be a nuisance, but luckily this den is in an out of the way part of our yard. On the plus side they keep the areas under the bird feeders clean.

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Nov 10 2010
08:42:03 AM

Testing Locationize Widget

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Mar 01 2008
05:28:35 PM

Case of the Missing Leash

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Aug 10 2005
11:16:38 AM

Konfabulator Widgets

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