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Feb 02 2015
03:26:04 PM

Depression Sucks

the text from my depression talk on the last Blog Oklahoma Podcast episode

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Feb 02 2015
11:22:58 AM

Blog Oklahoma Podcast 102: Depression Sucks

In this episode In The News is back, another Blog Oklahoma update, and Kevin discusses what happened to him over the past year. The wind was really sweeping down the plains, so there is a little bit more that usual background noise in this episode. The wind was a howl'n. Welcome to Blog Oklahoma.

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Jan 12 2015
03:41:20 PM

Blog Oklahoma Podcast 101: A Blog Oklahoma Update

In this episode Kevin welcomes in 2015 with an update about, on why he's dropping Facebook, and what he learned from doing the #blogmonth challenge. Welcome to Blog Oklahoma.

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Jan 08 2015
12:58:54 PM

Beautiful Flat Icons

A 192 piece flat circle icon set.

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Dec 31 2014
10:16:14 AM

December 31st #blogmonth

This is it. The final post of my #blogmonth challenge. Silly me chose the busy month December to do it in.

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Dec 30 2014
03:16:28 PM

December 30th #blogmonth

Cold this morning. Made even colder by today's task, user documentation. Good user documentation is very important. It's probably one of the most important parts of any project. So for most of the morning I've been typing and typing and typing and typing, oh and typing.

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Dec 29 2014
04:01:59 PM

December 29th #blogmonth

It’s 2015 project planning week.

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Dec 28 2014
10:05:01 PM

December 28th #blogmonth

I ate some cheddar flavor pasteurized process cheese food today. It was part of a Christmas snack gift pack with some good summer sausage. It tasted like cheese, but had the texture of a birthday candle.

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Dec 27 2014
11:30:00 PM

December 27th #blogmonth

I'm in a love hate relationship with our floor furnace.

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Dec 26 2014
12:00:00 PM

December 26th #blogmonth

Day Off.

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