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May 09 2014
08:43:00 AM

Friday Morning Dream

What we need to do is refocus members of congress. We need to unite them under a common cause. So this is what we'll do. It's a dream I have.

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May 08 2014
08:38:50 AM

Good Thursday morning neighbors.

Did you get to enjoy last night’s rain? Even though it wasn't enough to break the drought here in western Oklahoma, every little bit helps.

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May 07 2014
08:44:50 AM

Good Wednesday Morning To You

The sun was already high in the sky before the commute to work this morning. It just seemed out of place. I guess I just got use to seeing the sunrise.

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May 06 2014
08:47:14 AM

Good Tuesday morning fellow allergy sufferers.

The combination of dust, pollen, and air conditioning has caused all sorts of problems with me and a few of my coworkers this morning. Nothing to do but break out a fresh box of Kleenex and slog through the day. Still even with a stuffed up head... the code must flow. Back to work people.

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Sep 09 2013
03:27:40 PM

Embed Google+ Posts

Just found out you can embed Google+ posts.

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Jun 28 2013
01:18:07 PM

New Google+ Community Badges

Google introduced new badges for Google+ Communities. These badges are highly configurable, making it easy to match your site design.

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Apr 16 2013
02:13:14 PM

Goodbye Facebook

After reading some really stupid and insensitive remarks regarding recent tragedies in my news feed, I've decided Facebook is no longer the place for me. This was just one of many reasons, but it really made up my mind.

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Apr 16 2013
09:00:40 AM

Oklahoma Democrats Community

A Google+ community for Oklahoma Democrats. A place where we can discuss the issues of the day and help move Oklahoma forward.

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Feb 13 2013
10:29:46 AM

Join The Community

Hope you join me at these new Google+ Communities: Oklahoma; Oklahoma History; Oklahoma Democrats; Northwestern Oklahoma State University; and Elk City, Oklahoma.

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Jun 22 2012
09:32:54 AM

Flipboard for Android Now Out

Found out this morning Flipboard for Android is now out. It's available at Google Play and the Amazon App Store. Works great on the Kindle Fire.

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