Trolls, RWNJs, and BurnieBros. Oh my.

I report and block. It's that simple. I'll read your comment, laugh at you, delete it, and then take what ever action I need to.

Friday. Friday Afternoon …

That one corner of my office is now clean and removed of old software and empty boxes. It sure is nice not seeing all that clutter I had before. I really should have done this earlier, but it just never occurred to me to do it. ...

Spring Cleaning of the Office

Yes I know why keep posting about cleaning my office. Mostly because it's almost archaeological in it's scope. I've been uncovering some pre-Y2K dust bunnies, and they're pretty grumpy about it.

You found a box full of treasure!

This box is full of my old copies of Advisor magazine. Clipper Advisor, Database Advisor, Access/Office Advisor, and more. All of these date before 2000. Couldn't have gotten through the job without them. A real treasure and keepsake.

Blog Oklahoma Bonus Playlist

I’ve added even more great music to the Blog Oklahoma Bonus playlist. There is now over 8 hours of music for you to enjoy. You can listen to the playlist on Spotify and on YouTube.

My Latest Follow Card

My latest follow card. This is the graphic I'll use when I post something to YouTube.

Thursday. Thursday Morning ...

Somewhat distracted this morning. I had to reboot a few of workstations, and one of them wants to be slow about it.

Instagram #blogmonth challenge, May 2016

This May it’s time once again to take on the Instagram #blogmonth challenge. The challenge is simple. Take a picture, write up something related to it, and post to Instagram every day for an entire month. ...

Tuesday. Tuesday Morning …

Yesterday I learned an new old word, overmorrow. It means the day after tomorrow. What a great word. Overmorrow. It even sounds good in a Shakespearian kind of way. Why haven’t we been using it? ...

My Snapchat Story - April 24, 2016

I give a podcast and health update and show the HISY bluetooth wireless camera remote.