New Features at Blog Oklahoma

I've added some new features to Blog Oklahoma this week. The #blogmonth challenge and a random topic idea generator.

Hillary Clinton is Running

Yesterday Hillary Clinton announced via social media she is officially running for President. I believe she's the first Democrat to announce so far.

Assembling a Keyhole Garden Kit

I put together our new keyhole garden with a kit from Keyhole Farm:


Updated my LinkedIn profile a little today. I think it's a good idea to review it at least once a month. I'm sure I'm not using the service the best way possible, but I think it's important enough to keep up to date.

Windy Wild Hair Day

Today was just a windy wild hair day. Ha!

Goodby Mevio's Music Alley

Well apparently Mevio's Music Alley (aka the Podsafe Music Network) has finally gone down. It was good while it lasted. We found some great music for our podcast over the years from their service. It's sad to see it go, but I guess it was just a matter of time after Mevio closed it's doors. Please join us in thanking all the artists who shared their musical talents with podcasters everywhere on Music Alley.

That time you hurt your back

I twisted, pulled, or stretched something in my lower back late last week. I really have no idea how or what I did, but this freaking hurts.


On that last bit of software you installed. Did you pay attention to all the installation screens or did you just click next on everything? Now there’s a good chance you just clicked next. Well guess what, you now have unwanted software installed on your PC. ....

Pages Updated

I've started the upgrade to the Program Witch Pages. It's going to take a few days to get everything converted. I've taken some sections down temporarily. I'll have them back up later this week.

Program Witch Pages Update

Now that I've completed work on the new Blog Oklahoma website, it's just time to refresh this blog. So expect a new refreshed look for The Pages to come out very soon.