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May 21 2014
08:52:20 AM

A Day of Typing

Today's going to be a *fun* day of typing up documentation and project specs. This is when you learn to be a power user of Google Chrome, Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, Wunderlist, and Photoshop. Well enough procrastinating, time to get started.

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May 09 2014
08:43:00 AM

Friday Morning Dream

What we need to do is refocus members of congress. We need to unite them under a common cause. So this is what we'll do. It's a dream I have.

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May 08 2014
08:38:50 AM

Good Thursday morning neighbors.

Did you get to enjoy last night’s rain? Even though it wasn't enough to break the drought here in western Oklahoma, every little bit helps.

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May 07 2014
08:44:50 AM

Good Wednesday Morning To You

The sun was already high in the sky before the commute to work this morning. It just seemed out of place. I guess I just got use to seeing the sunrise.

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May 06 2014
08:47:14 AM

Good Tuesday morning fellow allergy sufferers.

The combination of dust, pollen, and air conditioning has caused all sorts of problems with me and a few of my coworkers this morning. Nothing to do but break out a fresh box of Kleenex and slog through the day. Still even with a stuffed up head... the code must flow. Back to work people.

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