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Removing the Facebook App

09/11/2019 02:48 PM — Dear Facebook Friends, I'm deleting the Facebook app off my phone.

The Next Time I ...

07/05/2019 02:00 PM — I think the next time I rebuild this blog I'll do it using VueJS and Bulma.

Is Facebook a monopoly?

06/17/2019 03:13 PM — Is Facebook a monopoly? That's been in the news lately. Actually been in the news for years now. ...

Taking a RAW and SMACKDOWN Hiatus

06/11/2019 04:38 PM — I think I'm going to take a WWE RAW and SMACKDOWN hiatus for a month or so. RAW especially needs to improve. It's become a boring and stale 3 hours slog.

Blog Oklahoma Podcast 062: Greer County

05/08/2019 08:29 AM — In this long overdue episode we take another look back into Oklahoma History.with the fascinating tale of Greer County … Texas. Welcome to Blog Oklahoma.

Vlog: Working In The Yard

04/28/2019 06:33 PM — April 28, 2019. It was a busy weekend of working in our yard. I mowed, moved a rose bush, mowed some more, showed off our new electric lawn mower, and that's about it. Exciting!

Blog Oklahoma Bonus Playlist on YouTube

04/26/2019 10:57 AM — This video playlist was created with, a free service that lets you transfer your playlists to YouTube and other music services.

Friday. Friday Afternoon ...

04/05/2019 03:32 PM — We had Chicken Express for lunch. How was your day?

Giving Up On MeWe

03/25/2019 11:29 AM — There are some things to like about MeWe, but the more you spend on it the more the cons outweigh the pros.

Blog Oklahoma Podcast 061: MeWe

02/26/2019 02:46 PM — In this episode we take a look at a new social network, MeWe.

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