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I am your host, K. Latham, the center left chaotic good weaver of code.

These pages are for all those who wield the magick of cyberspace. Those who use technology not only as a tool but as a focus for powers conceptually challenged humans cannot comprehend.

My Blog

I began the Program Witch Pages way back in 1999 with nothing but a very simple HTML page with a bunch of links on it. Oh just in case you were wondering. No the moon didn't blow out of orbit and Y2K didn't start the apocalypse.

This latest version of this website was coded using Microsoft Visual Studio Code and Notepad++. The code, framework, and other tools behind the site are: ASP.NET, Bootstrap, Font Awesome, JQuery, and Google Analytics and Adsense. The blogging platform is entirely custom built using cobbled together code I've done over the years.

A Little About Me

I'm the lead programmer at a small western Oklahoma company. I specialize in database applications and web sites, but I've done many different kinds of coding projects over the years. If you'd like to know a little more, I have a profile on LinkedIn.

I created and maintain the Blog Oklahoma Network: Blog Oklahoma, Blog Oklahoma Podcast, Exploring Oklahoma History, Oklahoma High School Sports Forum, and of course the Program Witch Pages.

I currently live in small town western Oklahoma with a loving spouse, son, dog, and way too many cats.

Religiously I'm Chaotic Good, astronomically I'm a Sagittarius, and temporally I'm part of Generation X. Politically I'm Center Left and a registered Oklahoma Democrat. I'm also a member, supporter, and ally of the LGBTQIA+ community. My preferred pronouns are They/Them, but I don't stress about it.

I like most things geeky and or nerdy. I'm a fan of all forms of sci-fi, fantasy, and horror. I like bad sci-fi movies, how-to television, comic books, baseball (Go Cubs!), sports entertainment, bird watching, hiking, and studying history. I'm not a very good at video games, but I do enjoy playing 7 Days to Die, Hearthstone, and older games such as Microsoft Solitaire, Super Mario Brothers, and Space Invaders.


You can always email me at my Blog Oklahoma address, but please feel free to connect with me on social media. I've provided links to just about every site, social network, or whatever I'm connected to online on this page, but you'll find me primarily on Mastodon.


With a only a few exceptions you can find me as @programwitch on most social space. Please feel free to connect with me.


You can also connect with me at @blogoklahoma.

Thank You

Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope you found it enjoyable, informative, and a good way to pass the time. Blessed be.

K. Latham