October 26, 2023
I made a little discovery today on my drive back to work from lunch.
November 07, 2022
Good Monday everyone. I hope you all took the time shift well.
January 14, 2019
On January 14, 2019, John Kevin Stitt became the 28th Governor of Oklahoma.
December 04, 2018
CSPAN - May 4, 1990 - President George H.W. Bush delivers the commencement Oklahoma State University
November 16, 2018
It's time once again for another edition of Frizzy Hair Friday. It was a little bit windy today.
October 09, 2018
Register To Vote Oklahoma! You have until Friday (October 12) to get registered so you can vote in the November 6 election.
September 11, 2018
The following Oklahoma State Questions have qualified for the November 6 General Election ballot.
September 10, 2018
September 9, 2018 - Blog Oklahoma Bonus Episode - Teamup Calendar, the shared calendar for groups. - Welcome to Blog Oklahoma.
August 29, 2018
Well since we now know who's running, I'm putting my full support behind Drew Edmondson for Governor. I just ordered a yard sign and made a small donation. Will you do the same?
August 27, 2018
Saw some more political ads over lunch. All GOP and all ugly in their messaging.
June 19, 2018
We have an Primary Election coming up in a few days and there is a State Question on the ballot. Also I have some social network updates to tell you about.
May 14, 2018
Oklahoma! Last day to register to vote for the June 26 Primary Election is June 1st.