Using API with ASP

Posted on Monday, February 12, 2007 11:29 AM by K. Latham
Maybe's daily blog posting will work for you, here is a good tutorial for WordPress blogs (which uses a more reliable PHP XMLRPC code).
I was trying to use the daily blog post to work here at The Pages, but I just wasn't getting reliable posting from kept sending two different styles of XML for posting causing my custom XMLRPC ASP code to error. One format was in plain text and working, the other was posting with Base64 and not. Why the two XML formats? I have no idea.

To get around this I'm building my own daily blog posting with ASP and the API.

The API does have some limitations. You can only send a request 1 second apart.
Important Notes: * Please wait AT LEAST ONE SECOND between queries, or you are likely to get automatically throttled. If you are releasing a library to access the API, you MUST do this. * Please watch for 503 errors and back-off appropriately. It means that you have been throttled.
I've already built myself a useful daily bookmark browser, unfortunately I can't make it public because of the one second limitation. While I was testing it I received the 503 error a few times.

Here is some sample ASP code I put together this weekend: TEXT FILE.

Here is a screen shot of my daily code in action: