Tuesday. Tuesday morning …

Posted on Tuesday, May 03, 2016 08:56 AM by K. Latham

Staying focused on the task at hand.

I’m working to finish up an in-house project this week. I should get it launched by Friday, barring any more delays. Then it’s back to other projects. Life of code. Fun.

On a completely different topic. It appears that McDonald's is back on top with in comes to the drive through cup of coffee here in small town Oklahoma. Sonic was the leader in this until they switched to Green Mountain coffee. Now their coffee is flat and generic. So McCafe is back to the top of the list. Of course my sample size only consists of 4 for drive through breakfast coffee. Here they are ranked in order of good coffee: McDonald's, Braum's, Carl’s Jr, and Sonic.

So what’s the coffee like in your community?

More later. Time to code.