#Spellbook Update

Posted on Monday, June 06, 2016 11:36 AM by K. Latham

I wish I had more time to play around with Node.js and MongoDB some more. It's challenging and kind of fun to learn and code. When I can find a little time I've been looking up how to get Node and MongoDB to run on a Raspberry Pi (something else I need to learn). See previously posted #bookmarks for any of that. I might just have to open up a Node.js project and reread the code so I can keep from forgetting everything. It's been too long.

Unfortunately I've even had to set the Swift learning off to the side. It's been an interesting language to study. Hope to get back to it in a few weeks.

Current projects have me back on ESP8266 and .NET web stuff. Not complaining, these are good projects. Learning some new things in IoT programming by building up some simple data loggers. There's a big project on the horizon for all of this IoT stuff so it's the more important right now.

So here's the current work/learn list:

  • IoT code (ESP8266 mostly)
  • .NET IoT code (for server side)
  • Raspberry Pi (learn how to setup, config, use)
  • Node.js / MongoDB (keep in the toolbox)
  • GitHub (Add to the toolbox this and other Git services)
  • Swift / iOS apps (projects for future, finish reading books)
  • OSX (learn to type on this damn thing. Home/End key annoyance.)