Friday. Friday afternoon …

Posted on Friday, July 29, 2016 03:33 PM by K. Latham

It’s a frizzy hair kind of day. Joy. So that means it’s a dress down, pull your hair back, and put on a hat kind of day. Now if I can find a sky blue t-shirt with a cat on it, then I’ll really look like my Bitmoji.

Did everyone get to watch the last few nights of the Democratic Convention? The speeches were inspirational and motivational. I hope you get to go listen to some of them, especially all the ones the news orgs didn’t show or talked over. Most of them are already up on YouTube, and I’ve already shared some through the social spaces.

It was like night and day between the two conventions. The RNC was all about him, fear, and division; and the DNC was all about us, hope, and togetherness. Stronger Together was more than just a slogan this week, and I hope it’s message spreads and stays strong for the next 100 days.

I’m trying something new in regards to the Blog Oklahoma Podcast. I’m cross-promoting it across all the Blog Oklahoma family of sites. It was easier this time since this week’s episode dealt with Oklahoma history. Let’s see if I can get at least a little bump in the listener stats.

I’ve started work on next week’s script for the podcast. It does take the pressure off when I can work on these scripts during the week. I’m working on a tale I’ve been putting off for some time, the two fold trip. I’m finally in a good enough space to be able to write about it, and you can thank Vice President Joe Biden for it. I’ll explain why in the podcast.

More later. Time to write.