Friday. Friday afternoon ...

Posted on Friday, August 12, 2016 04:00 PM by K. Latham

It’s been a good code kind of day. I’ve been working some more on the ESP8266 IoT stuff, and I’ll be bench testing for the next few days.

Right now I’m fighting a speed issue with the devices pulling data from a web server. I think there might be an issue with web address lookups. I put in the web server's IP # instead of it’s named address, and it’s considerably faster. Something for me to dig into. Anyone ever come across this?

The other day I launched a new section to the Blog Oklahoma Podcast Roku channel. (See earlier post for news on that) I haven’t gotten any feedback on it yet, so I hope people are finding it useful.

To go along with this I think this week’s podcast is going to be all about how to vote in Oklahoma. It’s a topic I keep bring up in the podcast, but I think it’s important enough to go over again.

Just checked the Roku stats. The channel has over 350 installs. Yay!

I need to go run some more tests before I call it a day. I hope you'll have a great weekend.

More later. Time to code.