Monday. Monday morning …

Posted on Monday, August 22, 2016 09:02 AM by K. Latham

I’m taking a break from Snapchat. It’s an interesting service and worth checking out, but it’s started to become a time sink and a tiny bit annoying. I’m not dropping my account or anything like that. I’ll probably still check on a few people’s stores from time to time, but I don’t plan on posting anything new to mine (for now anyways). I’m going to switch over to Instagram’s story feature for the same function to see how well it works out. It’s a completely different audience too.

Now on to other more important things.

I’m working on a new Node.js project with a new data engine, SQLite. I really like MongoDB, but for what I’m wanting to do SQLite may be the better option. SQLite doesn’t require another data server to be running to use it, and it uses standard SQL commands. That’s a big plus.

Here’s some more information on that if you’re interested.

Speaking of which I need to keep this post short and get to work.

More later. Time to code.