Friday. Friday afternoon ...

Posted on Friday, October 14, 2016 04:09 PM by K. Latham

Welcome to another edition of Frizzy Hair Friday. I don't know what happened either, it just ended up this way.

Another busy week of code. Worked on a few client and in-house websites. I'm still testing some IoT code, and I'm still waiting for some hardware from another department. Hopefully next week I'll see the last part to my IoT project.

Did everyone get a chance to listen to the last two episodes of the Blog Oklahoma Podcast? I went over all the State Questions that will be on Oklahoma's November 8th ballot.

Blog Oklahoma Podcast #40 & #41:

Very challenging episodes to put out. I had to do take after take and read through those Questions over and over. I almost have them memorized. Well I still think they were worthwhile episodes to do. Anything to help people know what they are voting on.

Oh in case you are still wondering: 776 No, 777 No, 779 Yes, 780 Yes, 781 No, 790 No, and 792 Yes. But I might flip my vote on 780. A person, who's opinion I respect, is coming out against it and make a compelling argument from a law enforcement point of view. I'm still leaning Yes, but I am thinking it over.

Almost feel like I should take the week off and not put out a new episode, but I promised a new one this week. Speaking of which I need to finish writing it. Still don't have a main topic, but I have all the secondary stuff done.

Oh sorry for all the political posts yesterday. I don't normally post so much, it was just that kind of day. It should be a little quieter for a few days anyway.

Oklahoma Democrat Collection:

Well need to wrap up some notes for next week, and finish up tiny bit of code before I can get out of here.

Have a good weekend everyone.

More later. Time to code.