Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice

Posted on Monday, October 24, 2016 10:24 AM by K. Latham

Finally watched Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice last night. It was a good action movie. As a comic book movie it was really lacking in something: hope and heart. It was too dark I guess because it could be. I liked all the characters in this, the actors did a great job, but the story was just okay. I can see why many of the comic fans and movie critics nitpicked this movie. It really didn't feel like a Superman or even a Justice League story at all. Loved Ben Affleck's take on Batman. I thought they wrote the Batman part of the story really well. The Doomsday part of the story fell flat. Was it just me or did it feel like they were fighting The Hulk for the first part of it? Lex Luthor was there in the plan and storyline, but not in the portrayal. I'm looking forward to the next movies, but I hope they'll start to bring back some of the hope and heart the characters need.