Tuesday. Tuesday Afternoon ...

Posted on Tuesday, November 22, 2016 03:15 PM by K. Latham

Short work week here at the office, but no less busy.

I'm still working on a few IoT and Node.js projects, and will likely finish out the year on 'em. Last week we've added Raspberry Pi to the mix. Fun stuff.

I did find a new tool last week I'm using with Atom.io that helps keep Javascript properly formatted: standardjs.com. I spent a few days going back through my latest Node.js project and cleaned up the code. The code is now much more readable and I found a few bugs I missed. So it was very worthwhile to spend the extra time to do that. I recommend it.

It's going to be another Thanksgiving holiday at home. I might be off for the next few days, but D still has to work. Black Friday sucks. Just putting that out there.

The Blog Oklahoma Podcast is still on hiatus for the holiday season. Will be back to the regular schedule in January. If there's time I'll put out a few special episodes.

That's it for today. Need to wrap up a bit of code before Wednesday.

More later. Time to code.