Wednesday. Wednesday Afternoon ...

Posted on Wednesday, December 21, 2016 02:07 PM by K. Latham

Happy first day of winter to you. I hope you are doing well on this Christmas week.

It's been a nice busy week here at the small cold dark north facing windowless office. I've been doing a few more client jobs this month, which has been fun. Nothing else to report on work wise.

Oklahoma went through quite a cold snap last week with temperatures dropping down into the single digits °F. Would you believe it's going to be in the mid 60°s this weekend. There's even talk of thunderstorms on Christmas night. Yay, Oklahoma weather.

Heard some great family news just a little while ago. Not at liberty to go into details about it, but let's just say Van Morrison was played and I envision a lot of little pink things in a few more months.

I've got nothing more right now. Beyond developing some really complex heavy lifting SQL queries, I haven't felt all that creative. I guess it's good the Blog Oklahoma Podcast is on hiatus for a few more weeks. Ha. But seriously, I think I'm just in the holiday time mindset where you're thinking about others past and present, and my mind isn't focusing on anything else but that. It'll pass.

If I don't post again before Sunday. I hope you have a very Merry Christmas or at least a really nice weekend. Blessings of the season be with you.

More later. Time to code.