Friday. Friday Afternoon ...

Posted on Friday, January 20, 2017 03:45 PM by K. Latham

Welcome to another edition of frizzy hair Friday. No I just kind of gave up on it today.

Well I hope you're having a good Friday. It's been rather quiet around here since I silenced all news sources for the day (see last post). I don't know if it's related, but I managed to get a lot done.

I've been editing video all day for a company project. It's been a day of learning what I can and can't do with iMovie. Kind of fun, in that it's something I don't normally do. Hope to have these videos publish on YouTube next week sometime.

I actually haven't been working on any IoT stuff all week, because I was spending it mostly jumping through Google's Adword and Analytics hoops. I learned a few new tricks and a few new creative ways of cursing all at the same time. I'd like to say it's over, but after this video project it's back to it again. Ugh. Give me time to code anytime over learning about online marketing. Ha.

If you saw Thursday's post I've gotten rid of my standing workstation. One day in. I almost miss standing. But my knee hasn't bothered me all day (knock on wood). So, yay?

I finished up the script for this week's Blog Oklahoma Podcast. Makes a huge difference when you can work on it for multiple days. I'm very happy with what I came up with, I hope you'll enjoy it. Should be out Sunday afternoon at

Well the latest video is about finished rendering, so gotta get back to work.

More later. Time to edit.