Friday. Friday Afternoon ...

Posted on Friday, September 07, 2018 03:42 PM by K. Latham

Welcome to another editions of Frizzy Hair Friday. It's been raining for 4 days straight. I'm surprised my hair looks as good as it does.

Was just taking a moment to check off some tasks on my phone. Hasn't been too busy of a week, but it felt long for being so short. O_o

I've been pushing to finish up a new Bonus episode for the Blog Oklahoma Podcast. Fingers crossed I get to record Sunday. It seems like one thing after another just pops up to keep me from working on the podcast. After I get this Bonus episode out I plan on working on a regular podcast to explain what's been going on, why I've been away, etc.

Donna and I watched Smokey and the Bandit last night. I first watched this movie when it came out as a kid. We went to the drive in. Still funny.

Rest in Peace Bandit.

Well I need to finish up some course work I've been doing this week. Learning about a new software system at work. It's fun and all, but you can only take so many hours of monotone dialog and slide shows before you begin to just zone out.

Have a great weekend everyone.

More later. Time to ... stare vacantly at a computer screen.